What you'll be doing

  • The Banking Back-office team deals with everything that happens to a loan contract - generating the contract, paying out the money, collecting it back and keeping track of all of our customers. They also provide a back-office for our customer service representatives who work with the contract and customer data daily.

  • You will be joining our team as we go live with our new banking system in the countries where we are operating one by one. You will help us move the development of our services in-house from an external development partner and join our preparations for the big releases.

Why is this important to Bigbank?

We like our customers and want them to have a delightful user experience. This is where you come in if you're an engineer. How? We are building a fully digital bank from scratch with the help of flat management and an agile self-organising team.

How you'll spend your day

  • Developing user interfaces for our internal backoffice application through implementing user stories and covering your code with automated tests.

  • Working closely with UI and UX designers to deliver a seamless experience to our users and customers.

  • Contributing to in-house UI component library to ensure quality and quick implementation.

  • Building light, fast and maintainable user interfaces using cutting-edge tooling (vue.js, ES6).

  • Prototyping with new FE tools and frameworks to keep our stack fresh and nimble.

  • Coaching team members to make sure best practices are followed, no jQuery is used and node projects build in under 10 minutes.

Things you’re already doing:

  • You have experience working with front-end, preferably using a front-end framework, like Vue (we ❤ Vue) or React or Angular or something else in a similar vein before.

  • You enjoy collaborating with designers and other developers.

  • You don’t mind dipping a few toes in back-end code at times.

  • You try to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing ES6+ JavaScript specification.

  • You get excited over the prospect of your work being open-sourced down the road.

Things we're working on

First, we transformed from old school offices-based banking to purely digital banking. Next, we dove into the digital journeys of our customers and figured out what they need for excellent experience. Now, we are building a new banking platform made up of microservices, renewing our entire technology stack.

Tech you'll be working with

Semantic HTML, CSS3, ES magic, Vue.js, Node.js, Docker, MongoDB, latest browser/HTML5 APIs, Webpack, Rollup, Mocha, possibility of Java with a dash of PostgreSQL

You'll be rewarded like this

  • Competitive salary (reviewed yearly based on your performance)

  • Good people to collaborate with – check out @lifeatbigbank and #bigbankwow at Instagram

  • Good conditions for professional and personal development

  • 'Let's do this' mentality in international banking environment

  • Monthly sports benefit + free participation at 2 national sport events

  • Additionally 2 paid important personal days

  • 3 paid ‘stay at home and get well’ days


You have a dedicated contact person always ready to answer all your questions. Just write to Triin Liisma, the Head of WOW Support Services, Tallinn, or call her at +372 5665 8813.

Share your work with us

If you have, send us a link to some projects you are proud of, we'd like to take a look.


Send us an email jobs@bigbank.eu by August 31st, 2018.